Bulb Drain Management Solutions
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Introducing the BulbPendant.


“The perfect solution for the management of Jackson Pratt bulb drains.”


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Managing drains was a nightmare.

Successful recovery depends on the ability to heal without worry. But as physicians know, bulb drains are incredibly stressful. After surgery, the bulbs are loose and patients don’t know what to do. 

Drains can also become dislodged, requiring another procedure to replace them. The BulbPendant not only solves this problem, it relieves patients of the stress of dealing with bulb drains.

Bulb Pendant Single

The B36 and B48 Models

The B36 and B48 models utilize a single pendant for use with up to 2 drains simultaneously.

So simple, so intuitive, it’s self-explanatory.

The patient simply bows their head, keeping their elbows down at their sides while the neoprene strap slides over their shoulders. The drains insert into the mesh pedant and easily clip into place.


Engineered to reduce the risk of infection.

The BulbPendant is completely waterproof, safe and hygienic. It utilizes ultra-soft neoprene with a mesh pendant that holds multiple drains simultaneously.


Options for everyone. Two colors. Four models.

For different body types, the BulbPendant comes in varying lengths, as well as the choice of either one or two pendants. Comes in either black or pink.

  • The B36 and B36D:

    • 36” standard length.

    • B36 has a single pendant for holding up to 2 drains.

    • B36D has two pendants for holding up to 4 drains.

    • Choice of two colors, black and pink.

  • The B48 and B48D:

    • 48” extended length.

    • B48 has a single pendant for holding up to 2 drains.

    • B48D has two pendants for holding up to 4 drains.

    • Choice of two colors, black and pink.


Better patient outcomes.

The BulbPendant is easy for patients, as well as physicians to manage efficiently. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to understand. It’s truly the world’s only “hands-free solution” for managing bulb drains. Finally, patients can now bathe securely, as well as wear their own clothes.


B36D and B48D Models

The B36D and B48D models utilize dual pendants for use with up to 4 drains simultaneously.

Real clinical value.

With the BulbPendant, patients have greater satisfaction after surgery. They’re safer, calmer and more confident. Adverse incidents are dramatically reduced, as well as the risk of infection. It also helps to lower patient-readmission and makes the outpatient process much easier, as well as efficient. 

What the professionals are saying…

The hospitals have been supplying BulbPendant for our patients for over a year, the results have been great! I highly recommend it.
— Dr. James Hoyt MD, Surgeon
It has been a great experience working with Hand & Hand Medical, these products have proven to be a wonderful improvement in the recovery process of our members of the breast cancer survivor community.
— Rose Barlow, Zero Breast Cancer Foundation