Bulb Drain Management Solutions


PACU/PAR BulbPendant Protocol


PACU/PAR BulbPendant Use

Patients rest comfortably while BulbPendant is administered as it does not interfere with existing Monitors and/or IV’s.


Step 1

Installing the BulbPendant in recovery is an easy process, drains are simply inserted into the waterproof pouch, often while patients sleep comfortably.


Step 2

The strap is easily slid around the back of the shoulders.


Step 3

The strap is simply clipped in place, completing the installation, and drains are safely stowed. Hospital staff and patient are now ready for effective monitoring and management of drains before the patient’s feet “hit the floor.”


The Results

In less than 30 seconds, Bulb Drains are safely secured and prepared for easy monitoring. There is no longer any need for dealing with sharp pins, or waking the patient to attempt positioning of old-style “around the waist” devices.