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Technical Indications

Technical Indications for the BulbPendant


US Patent Award 2015

Status: Hand & Hand® Medical's BulbPendant is a US Patent-issued Post Surgical Drain and/or Medical Device management/securement system that is currently in regular use as supplied directly to Hospitals, Clinics and Physicians. 

Indications: The BulbPendant is indicated for use with patients who are fitted with "Jackson-Pratt" style bulb drains, "outboard" medical devices and/or other receptacles. Most often, the BulbPendant is administered in recovery after surgical drain or device installation is complete. The BulbPendant's installation on the patient allows for easy inspection and management of drain/device sites without removal or adjustment and is fully comfortable for patients awakening from anesthesia. It safely stows and secures drain/device components so that patients can be moved, ambulate, or return home with drains or devices installed.

Reduced Infection & Improved Patient Outcome: Use of the BulbPendant administered in recovery reduces the risk of premature drain or device removal. BulbPendant use when associated with drain or device therapy produces consistently positive results, including:

  • Reduced infection rates due to prevention of premature drain/device removal and associated necessary re-insertion procedures.

  • Reduced costly re-admittance from associated drain re-insertion procedures.

  • Reduced pain and inflammation infections due to the elimination of associated "tugging or pulling" manipulations on drain or wire surgical sites.

  • Inpatient and Outpatient efficacy allows for patients to continue use of single BulbPendant installation providing improved results after discharge.

  • Consistent results improve wound healing and overall patient outcomes.

Use: The BulbPendant is indicated for use for the entire duration drains/devices are present and is manufactured to meet or exceed normal drain or device usage periods. The BulbPendant is the preferred protocol indication for bulb drain or outboard medical device management for the following surgery types:

  • Breast/Chest

  • Cardiac

  • Thoracic

  • Gall Bladder

  • Abdominal

  • Plastic/Reconstructive

  • Drainage of wound or infection

The Bulb Pendant is also designed and suitable for all Female, Male and Youth bulb drain management patients.

Materials: The BulbPendant is completely waterproof and non-bacterial.


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